Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bisbee Street-O Results

Today SWSW moved down to the historic and quirky town of Bisbee for a 2-hour street-o. Eighteen people headed out on the course and everyone came back, though a few may have stopped for coffee along the way.

Many thanks to Bisbee resident Mark Parsons for selecting all the control locations and drafting creative questions and answers.

Results (21 possible points)
Ethan Childs53:27.821
Jeff Coker60:5721
Keegan Harkavy78:0021
Vilppu Viinikainen80:0021
Glen Tryson102:0621
Sverre Froyen105:1021
John Maier109:0021
Rick & Eileen Breseman110:0021
Brooke Mann119:0019
Gregg Townsend97:0016
Janet Tryson107:0015
Scott Moore109:0014
Mary Jo Childs93:0012
Heather & Sierra113:0010
Lukas Luis80:002
Barb Bryant118:00??

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