Saturday, February 17, 2018

Results from Day 1 Kentucky Camp

An energetic crowd of 47 orienteers descended on the Santa Rita foothills today for some very fine courses set by Mark Everett. The ground was still wet from the recent rains but the clouds mostly stayed away and our out-of-town guests got a dose of the sun they were promised.

Results and splits for today are available on Attackpoint.

Add your route or check out the courses and other people's routes on Livelox.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, February 16, 2018

It all starts tomorrow!

Make sure to check the Orienteering Details page for directions, start windows, and information about each day. Here are a few tidbits and useful information:

- No assigned start times on Saturday and Sunday. We'll just be making sure you start with appropriate separation between other runners on your course.

- You'll want leg covering for the forest events. You won't need leg covering for Bisbee (Wednesday) and UA + Reid Park (Thursday).

- If you get a cholla ball stuck to your leg DO NOT try to remove it with your fingers! Then you'll just have a cholla ball stuck to your fingers. Instead, with your map in one hand and your compass in the other, carefully pluck the ball off. Alternatively, carry a comb with you.

- Yes, we're in the desert, but it can rain and there are big differences between night and day temperatures. Bring some layers, especially for early in the morning. Keep in mind that it will also be cooler on the Rt 83 maps (Saturday & Sunday) which sit a couple thousand feet higher than the city.

Still have questions? Please email Cristina Luis.

Have fun! See you in the desert!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Courses will be on Livelox!

Want to easily compare your route against the competition after the races this weekend? We're using the online tool Livelox for most of the Tucson events, which will make it easy to share and compare.

Livelox is an orienteering analysis tool that makes it easy to view and share your route as recorded by a gps - either a watch or your phone, using the Livelox app. It is quite popular in Norway and Sweden and has seem some use in the US. Most of the functionality is available for free (just make an account!), but to see head-to-head comparisons you'll need a subscription.

Charge up your gps watch or download the app and get ready to Livelox!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Two NRE days during SWSW2018!

In addition to Phoenix's National Ranking Event on February 25th, Tucson's event on Feb 18th at Box Canyon will also be an NRE.

Come for a day, a weekend, or the whole week! Get some ranking races and some sun!